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Fruits Of Death | You Are Slowly Poisoning And Killing Yourself

You know those beautiful looking expensive fruits you have been buying from the market & supermarket? Yes those ones: They are laced with carcinogenic impurities. Traders are using Calcium carbide intended for use to generate acetylene gas for wielding; They are mixing this chemical with water & dipping fruits like bananas, mangoes & oranges in the solution to ripen them in one & a half days. Acetylene has similar effects as ethylene (natural ripening agent).

Naturally ripened bananas have tiny black spots scattered on the peel of the fruit, also the stalk will be black in colour.

The ones picked prior to ripening (naturally)  are gassed with ethylene or ripened using calcium carbide are uniformly yellow with greenish stalks.  

Recommended banana ripening guide using Ethylene: more info on using Ethylene


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