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Why You Should Leverage The Cloud To Reduce Your Startup OPEX & CAPEX

The cloud, is but one of the tools that a business can leverage, to make their services more efficient and reduce their burn rate.

Let's start by looking at some of the common IT services, that many startups and pre-existing business consume/need:

  1. Powerful user devices (laptops & desktops)
  2. Website/App hosting
  3. Email services 
  4. Shared storage/document repository 
  5. Backup services
  6. Telephony services
  7. Software/s: CRM, HRM, Finance

All of these services, consume compute cycles and resources which mean that a business, would have to at the onset, purchase at least one server.

As the business grows, the IT team will realise that there is a need to increase capacity, upgrade hardware and also create a redundant infrastructure in terms of power, connectivity and compute services.

If by this time,  the business is not blowing it's budget on IT, it will probably be providing it's customers with lackluster services. 

However, all these problems can be nixed, at the onset, by choosing to contract a cloud service provider. All is also not lost, for existing business, as they can migrate their existing services, to the cloud. 

Cloud services, allow businesses to allocate funds, that would have otherwise been spent on operating and capital expenditure, to other activities, giving the business more runway.

They also give a business a piece of mind, in knowing that qualified individuals, are working hard day and night, to make sure that their services keep running. 

Some of the best #cloud services providers in #kenya include:

  1. Node Africa
  2. Cloud pap
  3. Pamoja cloud 
  4. MTN
  5. Liquid telecom
  6. Safaricom
  7. Angani

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#video 2:

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