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Misdiagnosis | From Millions To Less Than Ksh 20,000/- Hospital Bill

On the evening of Monday, February 15, 2016, Anne Wanjiru Ndira, 20, and her younger sister were heading to their mother’s workplace just meters from their house in Kikuyu Town. Suddenly, she was hit by a bullet fired by a police officer said to have been pursuing suspects who had escaped from the nearby Kikuyu Police Station.

Anne was taken to a private hospital in Nairobi for treatment, but the doctors there advised her parents to take her abroad, saying that removing the bullet was a high-risk operation. Besides, they lacked the necessary equipment and expertise, so they discharged her after a week.

When her story was published in the DN2 on July 3, the head of surgery at the Kijabe AIC Hospital, Dr Peter Bird, contacted the writer.

After a surgery that lasted just 20 minutes conducted by a team of five experts including Dr Bird, the 9mm piece of lead was successfully removed. The total cost of treatment at Kijabe was Sh18,560.


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