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Kiarie Wa Ndumberi With The Mother Of All Sarahah Replies

#Reblog from #Facebook 

Author: Kiarie Wa Ndumberi

Dear anonymous, 

First I cordially appreciate this love. Nowadays looking for love has been harder than Ekuru akot votes on form 34  . In fact women of your age (I want to believe that you are woman because if you are a man I will look for you, cut your abdomen and thorax , look for your uncles and  cut their gizzards and invade your village and poison the well they fetch water with donkey Fart), back to women of your age are busy raising standards with uncooked liver in their pubic parts and cooking it for thifojas. And you wonder why old men collapse and die without sickness... That liver will grow uterus in your esophagus and ovaries will develop  choking your Adams Apple. 

Ms. Anonymous, I further appreciate the fact that you check my profile daily. Attention is paramount in any love  settings, in fact biblical people like zacheus had to climb trees to win Jesus attention. Judas committed suicide for lack of attention. Nowadays very few women are giving men attention, personally even when I am in toilet I want someone to ask me " hun are you okey? Is your butt cutting poop proportionally? Have you managed to pee with minimal farting?. Hun last year you said you had a toe-ache.... Are you okey? Hun you coughed, did your butt hole close when you coughed? Hun your Fart is saturated, am I putting little hohos in pilau? 

My anonymous lover, as you were walking in my profile you must have seen someone holding me in sugary angles. Yes yes that one. She is called magda.. Well, she is the person who stole that love. Apparently her uncle was in kdf, her four cousins are Nys, her 89 friends are police officers, matiangi's great grand parents went to Burma with her ancestors, her great grandfathers grandparents and kony of Uganda are distant cousins, her brother's in laws come from Kim Jongs lineage... What am I saying? my heart is very secure. 

Madam anonymous, I am sure you love God, and you love yourself, those two are the key to show you who is your right person. I am not your Mr. Chilobae, consolidate your energy, pray alot, have principles but not standards, don't listen to people, avoid boys and put your brain before your heart. Look for a man who will treat you with the muscle you deserve. Remember you won't feed on soil and leaves like caterpillar or centipede, Remember your hair and nails have to look good, this is where his wallet comes in. But don't let the wallet fool your goals, it's love not an investment. 

Finally my anonymous lover, when you get that right man, make sure you pray for him, remember monkey and kangaroo styles in bed won't keep him around you, even kamia nguku mixed with salamander and flying mantis styles won't. only God alone melts the heart of pharaohs.... And when your knee touches down for God, your feet will stand before any man... 

With cordial love 
Kiarie wa ndumberi is my name.

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