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Sometimes you confuse what you think I want with what I really need. I need you to want what I want as well but communicating this to you is far more difficult than faking a smile when you buy me yet another bracelet to join all the previous ones I hardly ever wear. it makes you feel you have done something. But I appreciate the laptop, that one was useful. Give credit where it's due right?

You know how I feel about needing my own space, you know how I feel being in someone else's space...suffocating...but you choose to disregard and play me down. You use my love against me and guilt me into putting you first. You are in bubble, is there space for me? I would love to see the world as you see it. perhaps I will understand how you see me?

Usually you ask "Do you always love me?"...Is it because you have that uncertainty that one day my answer won't always be "yes"? Or that when I respond "sometimes" it may not be a joke? However, my respond remains "till forever and a day"...a fairytale response..but it puts a smile on your face.

Remember this though, one day it won't always be a fairytale. Love sometimes needs support of other things to remain true, firm and constant. Love should not be the reason one side is miserable to please the other half. Sacrificing in the name of love is alright but suffocating in the name of love is a nightmare. 

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