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10 Kenyan Governments Legacies (2013 - 2022 )

Wacha tuseme ukweli.... (Lets say the truth)

The 2013 - 2022 Kenyan governments legacy is not going to be THE BIG 4 It is going to be:

  1. The young people and their children were sold to slavery and debt to China
  2. Industrialists were kicked out of the country by harsh business climate, corruption and high power bills
  3. Gluttons in the name of civil servants and politicians robbed public coffers and the government stood still and cheered them on
  4. Future generations were poisoned via corrupt government endorsed poisoned sugar imports
  5. Maize farmers were demoralized and went bankrupt as NCPB failed to accept local produce to create an artificial shortage and to raise prices and for political mileage
  6. Sugar farmers lost an entire acres of crop as the government authorized their cronies to import compromised sugar crippling the local sugar industry.
  7. 47 people died in the Patel dam tragedy as corrupt NEMA and WARMA officials took bribes allowing the construction of a substandard dam and no one was convicted.
  8. Over 1.8 billion was stolen in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning after which the the ministry's cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru proceeded to become the governor of Kirinyaga and again no one was convicted.
  9. Kenya Power reported exaggerated profits Ksh6.5b from overcharging customers as they over-contracted thermal generators who were paid capacity charges while they supplied nothing raising operational costs.
  10. The Kenyan taxpayer now has to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for a bloated corrupt public service that delivers no value to them

and so many more...

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