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Babe, It Was Fun While It Lasted... You Will Always Be Special.

CH, I must admit, when I heard about you, I was not sure whether I liked the idea of you; but when I saw you that first time, the ice in my heart melted and I knew I had to have you.

You stood there among your friends (I assumed they were your friends) soaking in the sun like you didn't have a care in this world. Why would you anyway with all that beauty damn!

Not so long after that fiery first meeting, you became my bae CH and there our journey of love started. You showed me what it meant to be graceful, vivacious and dependable. You have never let me down not even once.

We have made some awesome memories together, did some dangerous stunts too, but we knew each other’s limits well.

So now a time has come for us to part and we both know it has got nothing to do with love; you will always have a special place in my heart (my eyes are already tearing); but we have to LET GO... to grow and share our love with others.

I hope that the next boy or girl you love (yes I know you swing both ways) will love you back and take care of you just like we did for one another.

This is not goodbye… See you later CH.

Are you CH’s next love? She is accepting applications online here:

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