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Science - Women With Wider Hips Have More Dates & Sex

According to Science. Women who are naturally endowed with wider hips are having the time of their lives in relationships.

They are apparently going on more dates and having many more one night stands.

But that's not the only thing that men are attracted to and it varies from one man to another.  

What men find attractive in a woman:

The 0.7 waist to hip ratio

While different men may have differing opinions on what size makes for the most attractive women, they will nearly all agree that the hottest shape is the hourglass figure with a ratio of 0.7.

So while women often get worked up about their overall weight, what they should worry about instead is having a pleasing curve. So women with big hips can afford to weigh a bit more and women with smaller hips will look best much thinner.  (that's where you get the creepy thigh gap, which makes them look unhealthy???)

Eat something!  Your ratio is like 0.5! You are signalling to men that you are not strong enough for a vigorous sexual encounter or for making babies. Basic instincs, men want both!

When you're talking about women at age 18-21, they tend to be thinner because they haven't completely filled out yet.  There is probably some truth that they achieve this ratio at much lower weights at this age than they will at their sexual peak (this might surprise you but women's sexual hormonal peaks are later than mens', at around 30 years old, whereas men peak around 18).  

Face symmetry

Another thing that is nearly universal when it comes to appearance is symmetry.  Especially in the face.  When guys tell women that they noticed their face first, women invariably assume we're lying, but really it is not uncommon for mens' "hot" radar to go off because a woman has a distinctively attractive face.  (Though studies have shown men usually don't notice your face first, from the back it's your waist hip ratio, and from the front it's your chest.  If a guy notices your face first, you're probably very symmetrical).  Besides symmetry, men are also looking for certain shapes.  Here's a grid of examples of what face shapes are considered attractive on average.  

It also helps to have a healthy looking color face. Healthy coloring does change a bit based on your natural coloring, but some hues might indicate unhealthiness, and mens lizard brains find that unattractive. 

The lighting on the camera makes a big difference.  Whoever this is looks near death in the first pic, but healthy in the second.  The outfit isn't really very flattering, but that's another thread....

So all in all, the answer is kind of.  It's not so much the size of a woman's hips but the ratio between them and her waist that gets heads turning.  Women that starve themselves too thin for their hips to end up with the thigh gap are not doing themselves or gawking men any favors. 

Healthy is better than rail thin and the world should stop teaching women to starve themselves to death.  Nearly every woman can be beautiful.  And that's why men oogle at so many of them. 

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