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Maiyan - Escape To Nanyuki


I just had to post this here. As a blogger I know it is possible to get insane discounts by vlogging about a trip and place like this. However the guy could just have deeper pockets than most, maybe he didn't even take advantage of the fact that he could get this whole trip paid for by Maiyan.

Anyway my problem is not with these two folks. They are doing them and once in a while it is good to indulge yourself (we slave too much at the office). My problem is the impression most viewers got from this.

Everyone was mulling on the comment section over why they never get men like this or where they went wrong in choosing mates.

I wonder if they looked at the physic of these two first. They look like thorough bred horses gadamn! If I could i would too (if you know you know). I wonder how many of the ladies on the feed take kind of care on their image.

Second being a blogger/vlogger is a lifestyle these two are showing the world just a glimpse of a few hours in their relationship. 

Rather than envy and covet I wish the commenters were challenged to improve their relationships; Rather than wait for a guy to take you there, why dont you take him there?


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