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Back To Work - Day One

Today its back to the grind. Its been a great three weeks of not having to think about technology or needing to troubleshoot and find solutions to problems.

Towards the end of the year I had gotten really burnt out and needed to detox from technology and I believe that I got that and more than I had bargained for this Christmas. Granted I got some burn out from just being home but this was a different type of burnout, traveling, babysitting, family time, movies, food, alcohol (Guinness Drought Stout) I better stop here before I get holiday sickness.

Anyhow... Remember how handwriting used to change on the first day back to school? well today I had something similar happen to me. I had four tasks for the day;

  1. Migrate some production DB's from a soon to be decommissioned server to a new one.
  2. Setup an new user on the entire stack
  3. Run preplanned annual maintenance on an API (Why have I never automated this?)
  4. Make a work plan for 2019 (One 15 minute meeting should have sorted this out)

Task one was supposed to be the daunting one with everyone busy buried in their new years work and not wanting to be bothered by downtime during the day. However a quick check showed almost no traffic on the affected databases.

Towards the end of the year 2018 I had done lots of preparation for this task and had scripted the entire process. When the green light came from the affected users to do a daytime service migration, all the pieces fell into place too easily. It felt like I was waving a magic wand (note to self -> never underestimate the power of script kiddies). Task one run so smoothly (Truth is, I expected some hiccups midst all the preparation... Something always goes wrong... well except for today). This task had me thinking the day was going to be a walkover, shock on me.

I skipped task two since it too was scripted and I had run it a gazillion times (really... now im just humoring myself buy yes it has never failed) so I went straight to task 3. Now here was a roadblock... I could not find the documentation to run the task. The application was somewhat legacy code from another developer who was no longer with the team. However the Joys from the first challenge had proved to me that I was invincible today so no challenge was going to stand in my way. True to that in under five minutes I had recreated the entire process and was running the task (you and I know I did not document the steps this time either... im Mr invincible remember).

Now the success was getting to my head, I was drunk in IT. I called the new User and requested him to (stand by.. This will take a second) I bragged... damn was I wrong. thirty minutes in I was still at it. All the configuration files seemed wrong. After going through the scripts and process for the upteenth time I came to the realization that nothing had been wrong this entire time, I was just too full of myself to realize that I was using the wrong keys in the wrong places. Dang it! time for some coffee...

All in all I rediscovered workbench for Ubuntu <- (this OS right here if it was a girl id definitely be married to it) as well as puttygen for linux.

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