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Entrepreneurs Are Their Own Worst Enemy

I have been exploring getting some merchandise for the Oyaore brand. In the past, I did t-shirts but did not like the quality and the execution was lacking. (If you are out there and have a grand T-shirt idea for the Oyaore brand, shoot me an email, im not that hard to find)

This time though, I decided to go with bracelets. Why? well because unlike T-shirts, they are cheap and you can wear one day in day out.

I contracted a local business from OLX, to craft the first draft of these pieces. After along back and forth on the type of bracelet and waiting for their requested 1 day, I had the promised first samples in pictures. This was after a number of unanswered calls, whose reply was a crass reply of images on WhatsApp.

Though the communication was unprofessional, I was willing to let it slide, as the samples looked great and life happens anyway. Happy to have the first samples, that site members were already begging for, I proceeded with the engagement.

Getting the contractor to deliver, or give a pickup location, proved to be an uphill task. The contractor decided to give me nil by mouth. My calls and chats went unanswered, despite catching the contractor on multiple phone calls (call waiting).

This quickly became, the weirdest transaction I have ever been involved in;  a contractor gets paid, produces a product then fails to deliver, or give a pick up point, despite the product being ready.

Im not making excuses for them here, but life does get crazy sometimes for everyone, and the courteous and mature thing to do in such instances, is to communicate the challenges, rather that fail to pick calls.

All In all, I am back to square one, looking for someone who does awesome beadwork (do you know someone? send them my way), to design and deliver (probably an even better designed) bracelet, for the Oyaore members, who are still eagerly waiting for their bracelets.

I Want An Oyaore Bracelet (register here):

If you know the said contractor: Let them know I want my bracelets

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