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Shaffie Weru To Huddah Monroe To Close Your 'Duka' #FungaDukaChallenge

“women cheat all the time and we don’t make noise about it, fungeni hizo duka zenu, round hii tunaenda supermarket!!”.

- Shaffie 

Shaffie Weru spat out at Huddah Monroe, asking her to make real her threats and close her shop after she commented online, that she was tired of men being cheats.

Huddah Monroe commented, after her fellow friend by the name of Caro, discovered her man was cheating on her, with six different women.

Taking to social media to vent her anger, Huddah said enough is enough and that men should be taught a lesson by - not having sex with them.

Shaffie Weru took up the issue, calling himself a member of Mafisi Sacco. He dared Huddah, to act on it - because talk is cheap.

“As the Sec.Gen of Team Mafisi en Life time Member of Mafisi Sacco, I would like to respond to huddah the bosschick en Carol who have threatened to close shop, because apparently Kenyan men are cheats/Players. All I can say as The Reverend is…..Talk is cheap n Actions speak louder than words. I dare Kenyan chics to go ahead en funga duka en let’s see how this plays out!”

- Shaffie.

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